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Need For Seed

Magnet Accelerator is an early-stage startup acceleration program, looking for startups aiming at their first significant round.

Our mission is to keep startups in the south of Israel and increase their global scale from the Negev headquarter.

The northern star KPI of the program is the investment rounds of the Alumni, specifically Seed rounds in the 0-12 months after graduation.

Complimentary kit of digital tools

Free workspace Israel and US

Investors, VCs, Global Grants, IIA

Experts, professional content of workshops, and lectures

Application Timeline


Open registration


Registration closes


Screening committee


Opening Day


Demo Day


Several selected Graduates, who already Tested Magnet Accelerator.


Board Members

Our leadership team – MagneticForce
Angel Network, Early Stage VC, and CEOs for southern Startups companies

Tal Gilor

Partner Labs/02

Miriam Bashan

Senior Investment Jal Ventures

Amir Samoallof

CEO Siga OT Solutions

Orna Carni

Partner Labs Fin TLV

Ronen Yehoshua

CEO Morophisec

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and save your spot in our next batch!

Coming up JUNE 2023

Apply Now

and save your spot on our next batch!

coming up JUN 2023


Tech7 Team

Harel Ram


Omri Dai


Yali Av-Ziv

Deal Flow Manager

No catch. No equity. We’re 100% committed to your success and ask for 0% of your equity.

We believe that money isn’t given, but earned. So instead of giving you a fish, here’s the way we’ll teach you how to fish yourself:

  1. We’ll hook you up with investors and venture captial funds, who you’ll meet on regular basis, both to improve your pitch and raise money.
  2. Our leadership team, the Magnetic Force, includes an Angel Network and Early Stage VC, for just that reason: to give you the inside scoop on fundraising.
  3. The pitch, on all of its aspects, is your money maker. You’ll be practicing it, getting feedback, help and advice, from day 1 and all throughout the program. By the time we’re done you’ll have it exactly right.

The first batch is already on it’s way, but make sure to apply for the next one by Clicking here.

  1. Magnetic Force – Giving you exact direction, objectives, goals and KPIs in Strategy, technology, and fundraising.
  2. Startup CEO Mentors – you know how hard it is to find someone who actually gets it, right? We gathered them all, for you. Successful startup CEOs in later life-cycle stages. Ask them
  3. Field Experts – Need to fix your on-boarding? Don’t know how to growth hack? Asking how do I increase retention? We got you covered with our Field Experts.anything.
  4. Exclusive Workshops – We picked out with care, just the most sought-after, relevant to your needs, interesting and useful workshops ~every 3
  5. Specialist Advisors – Take all the help you can get from our Professional Services, Finance, Legal and Banking partners.weeks.

Yes you will. you’ll have your own workspace in “Tech7 Startup Hub”, which is located in Beer-Sheva’s Hi-Tech Park, Gav-Yam. You’ll also have access to a conference room and all of the relevant facitilies, during that period of time.

Nope 🙂

There’s also our Network. During the program we’ll figure out what are the key relevant connections we can arrange for you and make them happen. Could this get any better?

  1. Negev based LLC, early-stage (pre-seed and seed) start-ups.
  2. At least two co-founders.
  3. Well processed idea.
  4. Minimal ability required to develop the technology to a milestone.
  5. Basic business feasibility and potential.

Yes, you can, but you will need to incorporate before the beginning of the program. If you need, we offer to connect you with our legal partner for that.

Yes. if you intend to headquarter in the Negev, your request will be considered under the merits of it’s genuineness and imminence, to our full disclosure.

  1.  We review your application and pitch deck on the basis of the Quality of the Team (45%), the venture’s Basic Business Sense (30%) and the Market’s Potential (25%). Expect responses in 3 weeks or less.
  2. If you pass initial screening, you’ll be invited to physically pitch your company in front of our partners on either February 20th or March 8th.
  3. Within 72 hours you will know if you are 1 of every 10 applicants who were accepted.
    For more information look inside the Program’s Policy.

The program length is 3 months. You commit to the entire term.

Meeting with the Magnetic Force, investors, handful of workshops and the Demo Day are mandatory but hey, who would want to miss that anyway?

Generally we expect your best effort – so we would be successful at growing your company.

Just press here and fill out the application form.

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